Application Management (SLA)

Application Management (SLA)

Application management

Application management or continuous development is usually charged on a monthly basis. The client receives a comprehensive list of all the performed operations together with the possible costs of the hosting server.
We offer the assurance of continuous runtime as well as clear billing.

Creating and submitting an application does not end for us, we will take care of its service and further development. At the same time, we help you when you already have the information system and you need a reliable partner who will take care of it.

We offer application management wherever a system is running and running. This service includes:

  1. Analysis of current status (how to implement the application and its hosting)
  2. Recommendations for improvement
  3. Plan for further development
  4. Change of infrastructure (hosting)
  5. Follow-up management - troubleshooting

We have experience with running our own hosting infrastructure as well as with large SaaS cloud services. We run our own apps on Amazon infrastructure, specifically Amazon Web Services.

We provide, for example, Christmas support for one of the Czech banking houses, we provide hosting for seasonal companies,

Do you need to be sure that your application or information system will be available as much as possible? Do you need a response in the order of hours?