SparkTECH is now Eluvia

Once in a while there comes a time to make a change. That while is 10 years for us and that change is a new brand. As of now, we are Eluvia.

We still offer software service of the same quality, comprehensive and to the maximum extent focused on the client, just with a new face. Eluvia reflects more honestly our effort to provide great service with attitude to our own. With the determination that with full commitment we can get every and any project, even the most complicated ones, to the skies.

Please, be welcome to Eluvia

About us

About us

Why work with us?

- We have experience (the reference speaks for us),
- we continually improve and learn new things (you will not leave with us),
- we want to build a win-win partnership (we are interested in you and your product after the cooperation is over),
- we are happy to advise, even outside of contractual cooperation (we hope to be mutually enriched by exchanging experience),
- we use the latest technology (we will be glad to offer them to you),
- we appreciate your confidence and we will not take any cooperation for granted.

SparkTECH s.r.o. as a developer company, was established in 2010 from the belief that software development can be offered with a human face while being good.

Today, SparkTECH is a group of great colleagues who combines the idea of ​​delivering quality solutions for which no one have to be ashamed. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and seek inspiration in working with each other.

Up to now, SparkTECH has gone a long way to working with business partners who are leaders in their fields. Besides, you can convince yourself of it in the references.

SparkTECH's experience is not only the highest quality of service provided, but also its own products based on market needs. The family of products today are as diverse as the PickTime reservation system or the Networkuj business networking support tool. For more, check out the projects section.

We like large and demanding projects that require more expertise and puts us in front of new challenges and obstacles, but we do not avoid even small projects and we will be happy to launch a website on the content management system.

We will be glad to give you some time to discuss the possible solutions in the field of electronic tools and electronic communications. You can not lose more than a few minutes of your time. However, both parties can gain much.

We want to build a win-win partnership in all areas of our business. That's why it is important for us to understand with the client before starting to cooperate. Choosing a software developer is the same as choosing an architect. We are happy to meet you personally.