Virtual IT development department

Virtual IT development department

Outsourcing tangled to perfection

How do we work in agile development?

1) Once a week, or in two weeks, sprinters are planned - a longer period of development.
2) Every day we have a stand-up meeting. Short coordination meetings that sometimes take place in the form of a video call and are designed to remove any mistakes of individual team members.
3) At the conclusion of the sprint, we evaluate the course at the feedback meeting.

Our company creates tailor made software products as well as programming as a service, especially in Python,  PHP and JavaScript.

In this service we combine the best of classical internal development and outsourcing. Our virtual department can serve as a remote, fully-fledged IT development department, where you have a dedicated development team assembled according to your needs, over which you have maximal control. You can directly submit tasks and manage the development, or just set the goals to be achieved. We manage the implementation, deliver solution at a specific time and control the budget.

If we form a team with our customer, we are subject to both our own quality control and our own control. We use agile programming to ensure that time and quality criteria are met.

Virtuální vývojové IT oddělení

Do you need one-time help with programming in PHP, Python or JavaScript? Do you think about expanding capacities, but do not want to extend the existing team? Are you looking for competent support for your team?