Python, for example, works with:

1. the Django framework
2. framework web2py
3. the framework of flasks
4. and more

We take care not only of technology but also of code portability, so we use common GIT tools, as well as comply with the principles of clear code writing, we create tests - unit-testing, etc.

For customers demanding the creation of large software products with high demands, we offer creation in Python programming language, which is the flagship of our services and a good basis for most software products.
When creating web applications, we use the Django web framework, but others such as Web2py.

What did we do in Python? For example:

  • A system for managing a multi-level marketing structure of sales representatives, linked to a product sales portal,
  • An information system for a private college for the management of qualifying work,
  • System for embedded devices controlling production lines in factory operation with connection to business intelligence tool,
  • CRM systems,
  • Proprietary business networking management system Networkuj,
  • Own event management system Eventito
  • and many others.

Because we like Python, we've made a special site for him.