We work with PHP for example with:

- CakePHP framework
- Nette framework
- the Symfony framework
- and others

We take care not only of technology but also of code portability, so we use common GIT tools, as well as comply with the principles of clear code writing, we create tests - unit-testing, etc.

In PHP, we primarily create web portals linked to sales systems, reservation systems, and enterprise information systems. We will always advise you on the right technology.

Most often we use PHP 5.6. And we play with PHP 7. Of course, we use the composer to manage the package. To unify the style of code writing, we use coding standards that are checked before each commitement.

For some projects, we integrate RabbitMQ for reporting and for notifying users and using WebSockets to determine if they are online.

What did we do in PHP? For example:

  • An in-house travel agency system serving a multi-domain e-shop for the sale of tours with links to third-party aggregation servers,
  • A reporting system for an accounting company with a link to the Pohoda accounting software database,
  • Reservation systems of many types,
  • Mobile operator contact list,
  • Own login and replacement system for PickTime nurseries,
  • and many others.