SparkTECH is now Eluvia

Once in a while there comes a time to make a change. That while is 10 years for us and that change is a new brand. As of now, we are Eluvia.

We still offer software service of the same quality, comprehensive and to the maximum extent focused on the client, just with a new face. Eluvia reflects more honestly our effort to provide great service with attitude to our own. With the determination that with full commitment we can get every and any project, even the most complicated ones, to the skies.

Please, be welcome to Eluvia

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Information systems and mobile applications

We offer a comprehensive set of steps leading to the result:

1) analysis,
2) a proposal for a solution,
3) realization,
4) implementation,
5) follow-up.

The development of custom information systems and the web or mobile applications (in the form of a work contract) is the core of our business.

We develop web applications and information systems as well as mobile apps and hardware-specific software. We will develop your application or system from A to Z because we offer so-called full-stack software development, which means we cover all activity related to software development from the initial analysis, through the design of the architecture and the database model, the development, testing, and eventual support, including server management.

We are using Python, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, Google Apps etc.

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