Google Apps

Google Apps

We work with Google Apps for example:

- Google AppEngine
- GoogleAppScript
- Google Datastore
- and more

We take care not only of technology but also of code portability, so we use common GIT tools, as well as comply with the principles of clear code writing, we create tests - unit-testing, etc.

Google Apps is a Google app featured by Google to run on your own domain, allowing you to get a wealth of features directly from Google.

Google will offer you a solution for organizing your time, communicating with team members and customers remotely through video conferencing, document management and sharing them both in the organization and outside, and brings other benefits, of course.


Google Apps for Business and Individual

Among Google's apps not only for businesses, they are:

  1. A shared calendar (Google Calendar) to easily organize team work,
  2. Data storage (Google disk) with real-time editing capabilities,
  3. Mailbox (Gmail),
  4. Task management,
  5. and many others.

The user has the ability to create custom apps that complement the basic Google Apps suite or even a completely independent app. Our strength is the ability to develop a standalone application software within Google Apps. We will create a Google app for you or edit your existing one.

We offer:

  1. Consultation and analysis of a possible solution,
  2. Creating custom tailored applications,
  3. Development of your project (outsourcing).


Programming in Google Apps

We are an ideal partner for developing in the Google Apps environment. We have experience with outsourced team work and our products serve successfully, for example, in one of the largest Czech banks.

We use the Python programming language used to develop in Google Apps. Save time and money for Google Apps. Develop the potential of Google Apps with us.